New to Solana?

Before you start your adventure on the fastest blockchain alive, there are two things you may want to finish first:

1. prepare a wallet.

2. transfer your asset to the wallet.

Prepare a Crypto Wallet for Solana

We recommend Phantom Wallet. You can check more details on the following websites. (Important: Never show your private key and recovery seed phrase to anyone!)

Prepare Your Tokens

1. Through Exchange

If you are holding fiat, you can register on FTX and buy crypto tokens on the spot market.

If you are holding crypto tokens on the other chains (ETH/BSC), you can deposit your tokens on FTX.

You can withdraw your crypto tokens on FTX to your Solana wallet address.

2. Through Bridge

You can also transfer your tokens from other chains (ETH/BSC) to Solana through the cross-chain bridge.

Currently, you may choose between Ren and Wormhole.

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