We list some commonly asked questions here (keep updating):

Q: What is Soda Protocol?

A: Soda Protocol is Financial Portal of Web 3.0 containing three projects:

  1. Soda Fi: A DeFi platform that provides services including lending, leveraged trading and under-collateralized loan for the ecosystem. The leverage is powered by Soda Lending. The swap is powered by Raydium and Orca. Soda Fi minimize the price impact by reusing liquidity in the market.

  2. Soda Maze: An on-chain asset mixer protocol which can be regulated with user's privacy fully protected.

  3. Soda ID: A data Oracle for the Solana ecosystem that helps users to establish on-chain identity through on-chain behavior analysis.

Q: Is Soda on Mainnet?


  1. Soda Fi: Mainnet (With new functions coming up).

  2. Soda Maze: Beta version will be deployed soon.

  3. Soda ID: Beta on Solana Mainnet.

Q: How can I Borrow/Lend/Trade with Soda Fi?

A: It follows the same procedure as other lending protocols, but with a faster and smoother experience😉. Please check the user guide for details.

Q: Wen Token?

A: Stay tuned, we will release more info on Twitter and Medium.

Q: Any airdrop?

A: There will be retroactive airdrop depending on your interaction with Soda. We will also prepare special rewards for community contributors.

Q: May I invest in Soda?

A: For individual investors, IDO will be the best chance. If you are in the behavior of an institution, please contact us directly.

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