Soda Docs
We list some commonly asked questions here (keep updating):
Q: What is Soda Protocol?
A: Soda Protocol is a lending protocol integrated with credit system Sol ID. Soda aims to break the boundaries of the current DeFi schemes with high scalability and increase the overall on-chain capital efficiency.
Q: Is Soda on Mainnet?
A: Soda will launch on mainnet at 16:00 UTC, 11th Nov.
Q: How can I borrow/lend with Soda?
A: It follows the same procedure as other lending protocols, but with a faster and smoother experience😉. Please check our doc for details.
Q: When can we experience Sol ID?
A: You will meet the test version of Sol ID in December.
Q: When Token?
A: Stay tuned, we will release more info on Twitter and Medium.
Q: Any airdrop?
A: There will be retroactive airdrop depending on your time-weighted supply and borrow amount. We will also prepare special rewards for community contributors.
Q: May I invest in Soda?
A: For individual investors, IDO will be the best chance. If you are in the behavior of an institution, please contact us directly.
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